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Fake Adobe Flash Update

We have been seeing a large number of infected computers lately, and the culprit is due to fake Adobe Flash updates. Here are the details on the infection:
1. You will be surfing on the internet and a page will pop up and warn you that an Adobe Flash payer update is required....
2. If you click on 'Download Now', the fake update will download and install.
3. This has different behaviors, ranging from browser hijacking, installing ransomware/malware, and/or an ad-clicking component.

You will know that you are infected by one or all of the following:
1. The home page of your browser has been changed
2. Lots of popups will occur
3. Malware will attempt you to pay for security, Backup, or optimization applications.
4. Your passwords for banking or for other web sites may be stolen.
5. Your activity on the web is monitored.

If anything alerts you that an update is required, do not click on any link in the alert. Instead, go directly to the site and download the update. For example, go to:

Adobe Flash update:
Adobe Reader:

These are a couple of the main updates you will see, but there are many others. Another option is to have an updater that will update all your apps safely and automatically. Please call us at the Computer Service Group of Winnipeg if you think you have been infected.

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