computer service group of winnipeg

Phone: (204) 688-3010

The Computer Service Group of Winnipeg builds both online and offline databases. For offline databases, we primarily work with Microsoft Access. For online databases, we use Caspio as the framework. Here is a list of some of the companies we have worked with:


prairieHouse Performance works with Manitoba Hydro, providing energy audits on homes. This database connected the call centre at Manitoba Hydro, the technicians giving the audits, and the owners of prairieHouse. It was primarily a scheduling database, where the technicians would enter when they were available, and the call centre would fill the open time slots. This is an online database.
Achieve and CTRI provide workshops across Canada. This database was primarily for client/workshop management, with a large reporting component. This is an offline database created in Microsoft Access.

Independant Distributors Ltd.

This is a Canada-wide buying group for approximately 50 members and over 200 suppliers. The invoices are entered in Moose Jaw, and then distributed to all the member offices across Canada. This is primarily for reporting, but is expanding into an online component to allow each member to search and view invoices. This is both an offline (Microsoft Access) and online database.

Boulet Sheet Metal

This database is for inventory management. This is an offline database created in Microsoft Access.